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Enjoy Norwegian Music


This web magazine is dedicated to “musikkopplevelsen”.

“Musikkopplevelsen” is a noun whose meaning is secluded to the specific situation of experiencing music and enjoying music in the immediate present tense.


Enjoy Norwegian Music is written by Jon Arnesen, senior writer in the now discontinued Norwegian equivalent to Billboard Magazine and Music Week, named Farojournalen.


The Norwegian mother web mag,, is a general music magazine on web with a slight emphasis on Norwegian and Nordic artists, but also on foreign artists not released in Norway in physical formats.


Enjoy Norwegian Music will almost exclusively present Norwegian artists, both instrumentalists and singers singing in English, in Norwegian, in Sami languages, in dialects and in whatever other languages.


The artists and their albums will be presented with videos, links for streaming, and social media links for following and liking, and to the official web sites and record companies, for your full enjoyment and for further exploration of and engagement in the artists and their music.


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