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The King and Half the Kingdom

For nine years, now 25 years old Ingebjørg Bratland have crowled in through the ears and into the hearts of children, youth, the King and more than half the Kingdom of Norway.​


From before, Ms. Bratland was a household young talent in her home fylke of Telemark. Both her first steps on album and on tour she took along side 15 years older bestselling folk pop star Odd Nordstoga.


She took her first footsteps on CD in 2006. It was the opening track of Odd Nordstoga's children's album, Jul i Svingen, the soundtrack of a TV Christmas calendar series.


Then and there, I had to call the busy star to ask who this talented Ingebjørg Garman Bratland was. I predicted that within 10 years all of Norway would love her.


Exactly nine years later, Ingebjørg Bratland's second solo album Månesinn is reported to have sold 30,000 copies on CD in less than two weeks. In a country of 5 million inhabitants. Where most people have a Tidal, Spotify or Apple Music subscribtion.


The digital release preceeded the CD with a week, and the vinyl just arrived in time for Black Friday, as Bratland completed a sold out big city large venues tour.


The folk singer stands out in a Massive Attack like amalgamate of simplistic synth, new age guitars, playful percussion and melancholy strings.


Nanci Griffith's From A Distance has been given an outstanding Norwegian form by this young mountain music voice from Telemark.

Ingebjørg Bratland


Origin: Vinje, West Telemark (Map)

New album: Månesinn

Streaming: Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music

Record company: Universal Music Norway

Genre: Folk Pop Alternative

Language: Norwegian

Home page:

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram



Concert in Oslo Cathedral. One voice. A silent symphony orchestra. The young talent from Telemark. The well known song To the young with lyrics by national hero and great humanitarian Nordahl Grieg (1902-1943). Commemorating the victims of terrorism in Oslo and on Utøya 22 July 2011.


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