Her Country Music Is All About Music

Publicity photo by Marthe Amanda Vanebo

Ida Jenshus popped up as a sensational talent at only 20 years of age. Her three first albums won the Norwegian equivalent to Grammy. 


At only 25 years of age, Ida Jenshus became the first ever artist to pick up the Spellemann Award for the first three album releases of a carreer. All for Best Country Album. All albums crossing over a vast array of segments and age groups. Equally folk, pop, country and adult contemporary. 


Ida Jenshus is simply excerpt from classification. She loves music, and she expresses herself throug music. The public is treated to some intuitively credible music enjoyment. Her personal vocal style turns her words and messages into meanings and thoughts, not to consume, but to participate in. 


A Rewarding Listen

She has never been afraid of noises. As with switching her voice from intense presence to almost distant contemplation, the almost ugly sounds of alternative music is allowed to scratch your ears faintly, keeping them on nerve to take in the full beauty of Ida Jenshus' work of art. 


After the three country award winning albums, Ida Jenshus chose to challenge her audience even more. In 2014 she released the mini LP Let It Go on vinyl only. Side one was a track with almost 15 minutes running time. In 2015 Jenshus followed up with a full length album, Starting Over Again, with all but two tracks longer than six minutes.


Truly Original

She had always been there. Now it became forcefully apparent, that her widely popular style transcends the limits of genre definition. Long songs with alternative sounds and instrumental solos suggest Ida Jenshus is into truly progressive music. One may feel tempted to write in terms of “prog country”, but the truth is, whatever we may call it, it is simply music with love from Ida Jenshus.


More than a country singer songwriter, now 28 years old Jenshus has been nearer musical kinship to the likes of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon and Shawn Colvin. And judging by Ida Jenshus' single track Changes, who is to say Pink Floyd is not in the habit of touching by Country Music.

Ida Jenshus


Origin: Steinkjer, Nord Trøndelag (Map)

New album: Starting Over Again

Streaming: Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music

Record company: Universal Music Norway

Genre: Folk Country Prog Pop Rock

Language: English

Home page: idanjenshus.no

Social Media: FacebookInstagram, Twitter, Youtube 





Color Of The Sun (2008)
Winner of Spellemann Award for Best Country Album.

No Guarantees (2010)
Winner of Spellemann Award for Best Country Album.

Someone To Love (2012)
Winner of Spellemann Award for Best Country Album.

Let It Go (2014) 
Nominee to Spellemann Award for Best Female Artist.

Starting Over Again (2015)