Spidergawd Makes Hard Rock Big Fun

There are supergroups, and there is Spidergawd. The quartet from Trondheim seemed like an over night sensation in January 2015. 


Given the musical background of the four members, it seems timely they get together to really shake loose those rocking relations. It may be psychedelic, it may be heavy, but most of all, it's an (alternative and indie, of course) veritable funhouse of bluesabilly soulmetal hardrock.


  • Per Borten (vocals, guitar) has been in the searchlight of Norwegian music press through a number of bands in the course of few years; New Violators, Cadillac and The Moving Oos.

  • Bent Sæter (bass) is a founding member of instant legendary alternative rock band Motorpsycho.

  • Kenneth Kapstad (drums) made a name with the traditional music rock band Gåte before joining Motorpsycho in 2007. Later he also formed Monolithic.

  • Rolf Martin Snustad (bariton saxophone) surfaced as a founding member of Norwegian ska band Hopalong Knut.


The debut album of 2014, eloquently titled Spidergawd, was a favourite to win the Norwegian equivalent to Grammy, the Spellemann Award for rock album. In stead of landing the bronze jew's harp, Spidergawd enjoyed touring one of the new year's most critically acclaimed albums, Spidergawd II.


Before the award show, the new album was sold out, taking the “old one” with it, rushing the factory to make new prints in new vinyl colours to bring to sold out shows in Norway, Scandinavia and the European continent in the first quarter of 2015.


Typical for these four music nerds, the key to the Spidergawd experience is vinyl. You can not buy their music on CD. The albums come with free CD version included. No MP3 voucher. The albums are digitally distributed, though, both in standard and high AAC format and in 1411 kbps FLAC format.


A new album, Spidergawd III, is due for release 22 January 2016, including the CD version. The same day the Spidergawd album catalogue will be available for purchase on CD as a limited edition box set.


Now, it's time to enjoy some unmistakably 'Monolithic Hopalong Moving Motorpsych-Oos' from Spidergawd II, The Tourniquet:




Origin: Trondheim, Sør Trøndelag (Map)

New album: III

Streaming: Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music

Record company: Crispin Glover Records

Genre: Psychedelic Blues Soul Hard Rock

Language: English

Home page: spidergawd.no

Social Media: FacebookInstagram


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